The Old Man of Storr

The Old Man of Storr

When I first arrived at The Old Man of Storr, it was shrouded in mist and I wasn't sure if it'd be worth the trek from the tiny muddy car park to the iconic jagged rock formation above.

Photograph of the Outer Hebrides from The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye

It's a reasonable climb for a novice hiker, and pretty steep in a few places, but well worth the effort. The view of the famous shards are far more impressive from above than they are from the bottom.

By the time I reached the top, the mist had cleared and the view over the Outer Hebrides was simply stunning. It's not a long walk; only around 2 hours to hike up and back down again, with a little time to set up the camera and wait for the clouds to open up.

These pictures were taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and the extraordinary Canon 35 mm f/1.4 L II USM .

Alex Nichol

About the photographer

Alex Nichol is an amateur photographer based in the UK dabbling with landscape, travel and documentary in medium format, 35mm film and digital.